About The Speaker

Founder Fixology & Physiotherapist

Ruth Sudol

Ruth founded Fixology because she wanted to help women get better treatment and holistic care through motherhood, to menopause and beyond. Since starting her career as an elite sports physiotherapist in 2004 she has constantly evolved her practice, developing expertise and nurturing an holistic healthcare approach, including classes and training to help people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Fixology treat women throughout their life journey and specialise in  perimenopause /menopause.   The Fixology team can assist you in managing your health to tackle the many symptoms of this transition such as joint pain, poor pelvic floor function, heart problems – palpitations/flutters, weight gain (often around the middle), change in bone and tendon health, brain fog, low mood/mood swings and fatigue with:

– Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal symptoms (inflammation and hormonal changes)

– Physiotherapy for pelvic floor function

– Functional nutrition – to manage diet and optimise gut and hormone health

– Classes & Talks – our MenoSmarts programme will help with mobility and strength training, low-impact HIIT-based sessions to raise your metabolic rate and promote bone, tendon, heart and brain health. Other classes optimise pelvic floor function and breathing. Our monthly specialist talks will empower you with the knowledge to advocate for yourself and get the best possible outcomes as you navigate this stage of your life

Celebrity client: Lucy Bronze, England Football Team

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